Hot Take: Fences | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Does Denzel Washington ever turn in a bad performance? The only thing here is he's outdone by Viola Davis. Her amazing performance should win her an Oscar. If you're being fair, the worst thing you can say about Fences is it felt like it was meant for a different medium. Despite the big screen conversion, its playhouse roots are evident in the final product. Because of that, you don't get a cinematic masterpiece. However, because of the performances of Denzel Washington and Viola Davis (Davis especially!) you get one of the most engrossing films of 2016. Washington (who also directs) plays Troy Maxson. A black man in 1950s Pittsburgh who can't let go of the fact he never made it to Major League Baseball because of his advanced age despite a successful Negro League career. He's married to Rose (Davis) who humors his frequent outbursts along with his best friend Jim Bono (Stephen Henderson). Rose and Jim Bono spend a lot of time listening to Troy's tall tales of battling the