Hot Take: Doctor Strange | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: The best comic book film of 2016. Walking into Doctor Strange, I expected to hate it. I remember the comic book and was never that impressed. I've always been lukewarm in my response to Benedict Cumberbatch, too. I've also expressed my displeasure with the overload of comic book films in recent history although I did rank Captain America: Civil War and Deadpool fairly high and am excited at the prospect of a Black Panther movie and a Spider-Man reboot to be completely transparent. Needless to say, though, the odds of me enjoying Doctor Strange weren't very high walking in. Fortunately, Doctor Strange was yet another well down film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their ability to go outside of the main characters of the MCU and deliver quality films (Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man on a smaller scale, pun completely intended, as cases in point) continues to impress and even though there's a definite comic book fatigue, the future of comic book films isn't completely