Hot Take: Denial | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: More than adequate take on a true story that is really difficult to fathom although it's a little easier to believe after last week's election, if I'm being honest. It might take a review or two to get all of the passive aggressive comments about last week's election out of my system, so bear with me. Thanks to some arbitrary lines, the electoral college ignored the will of the people for the second time in my lifetime and now an Internet troll will be stationed in the White House and the media will be forced to call him President of the United States. Then again, this happened in 2000 and we didn't bother to correct our flawed election process because, well, that might have been too difficult, I guess. And we saw how well that Presidency worked out, didn't we? Anyway, moving on. So, Denial. Based on the incredible true story of Deborah Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz) who was sued by Holocaust denier David Irving (Timothy Spall) for comments she made about Irving in a book about the