BuRStS #42: Pete's Dragon, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, The BFG, Don't Breathe & The Wild Life | Movie Hot Take
If you have kids, this week's BuRStS contains 2 films MHT recommends and 1 that might at least serve as a 90 minute babysitter. There's also a quality horror flick and a TV-to-big screen conversion that's easy to dismiss. Here are the recommendation from Movie Hot Take on what to buy, rent, stream and skip for the week of November 29th: Pete's Dragon --MOVIE HOT TAKE REVIEW-- Super Simple Synopsis: Animated film turned into a live action film. It's Disney's version of lather, rinse, repeat but it goes remake, rake cash, repeat. Why Buy? It's magical and delightful. Why Rent? It's not Puff the Magic Dragon. Why Stream? Even if you're sick of remakes and reboots, how can you ever get sick of Robert Redford? Why Skip? You're sick of Robert Redford? Really??? MHT Verdict: Buy it! The biggest quality Pete's Dragon has that makes it a worthy purchase is it's only an update of the original in spirit. There's a completely different angle here and a new identity for the modern Pete's Dragon