BuRStS #39: Indignation, Phantom Boy & Sausage Party | Movie Hot Take
Welcome to the Election edition of BuRStS where MHT recommends what to buy, rent, stream or skip amongst new movies coming to the home video market. Unfortunately, due to some other life challenges, there hasn't been an update in a week and reviews of Denial (it was good), Inferno (the worst Tom Hanks movie of ever?) & Doctor Strange (unexpectedly excellent!) are delayed but coming soon. Meanwhile, let's get to this week's releases available specially for Election Day! Well, that's not really true, it's just a coincidence:Indignation -MOVIE HOT TAKE REVIEW- Super Simple Synopsis: The '50s, being Jewish, blowjobs and handjobs. Why Buy? You're voting for Clinton but really wanted to vote for Sanders. Why Rent? You're voting for Clinton because you really liked Bill. Why Stream? You're voting for Gary Johnson. Why Skip? You didn't vote but you meant to. MHT Verdict: Buy it! Like the election, there are no real winners here but we're electing Indignation as the lesser of three evils