Hot Take: Keeping Up With the Joneses | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: If only we had as much fun as the cast. Give Keeping Up With the Joneses credit for one thing: The cast surely enjoyed themselves. There isn't a scene where Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher, Jon Hamm or Gal Gadot don't look like they are really enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, the movie that results, thanks to a largely stale script with mostly "been there, done that" bits, is just okay. Keeping Up With the Joneses isn't close to being the worst movie you could choose to see. It doesn't inspire a lot of reaction one way or the other, though. It's your classic "take it or leave it" film. One you don't mind sitting through, are unlikely to talk about much after you see it and probably will forget about it by the time you accidentally watch it on cable next year. It's also hampered by a trailer with a heavy reveal which gives you the gist of most of the first two acts. You could walk in for the last 30 minutes and not miss a beat as long as you caught the trailer beforehand.