Hot Take: The Wild Life | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Very juvenile. Impressive to look at. Tedium eventually sets in but it distracts for a while. I can't say I expected much from The Wild Life. If you want to turn your brain off for about an hour and a half and 3D gags are your thing, the latest animated adventure loosely based on the story of Robinson Crusoe might be in your wheelhouse. Or at the very least, your treehouse. To accommodate a (much) younger audience, the Crusoe tale is dumbed down. In The Wild Life, Crusoe is often seasick, very clumsy and sort of a dunderhead. Unlike the novel, where his biggest nemesis would be cannibals and pirates, the animated Crusoe battles dastardly cats and kittens and occasionally his own shadow, or so it seems. With the help of some of the island's animals where he is shipwrecked, Crusoe builds a fancy treehouse complete with indoor plumbing and a water slide (mainly there to give the filmmaker a few more 3D gags to entertain the young lads and lassies watching). As the story