Hot Take: Sausage Party | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Racist, stereotypical jokes aren't edgy. They're lazy. I've mentioned previously how comedy is personal and laughter is contagious. For me, Sausage Party was one of those films that beats the drum of comedy being personal but flies in the face of laughter being contagious. As the film reached its raunchy, ridiculous climax and the audience I was seeing the movie with was doubled over in laughter, I realized I may not have laughed out loud once during the entire showing. It's not like I'm incapable of laughter. Earlier this year, I saw The Bronze three times and laughed out loud every time. I'm the first to admit The Bronze isn't a great film but there was something about it that struck me funny. I also mention The Bronze because it is one of the crudest, raunchiest films in recent memory. It's not like I don't find Seth Rogen funny. I still consider 2013's This Is The End to be the best movie I saw from that year. That movie featured many of the same players who provide their