Hot Take: Anthropoid | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Bipolar historical telling of Operation Anthropoid has a plodding first half filled with paranoia and a long, slow fuse. The second half is bloody, brutal and proof that war is hell. Anthropoid is the type of film that could be great. It has the historical context and enough elements that lend themselves to being embellished by Hollywood in just the right way that historians won't get too tweaked. So, why isn't Anthropoid great? Before talking about the shortcomings of the film, there are a number of reasons why Anthropoid is good. For one thing, it looks like the accuracy of the tale is fairly consistent with actual events. There is even a striking resemblance between the actors and their real life counterparts. Anthropoid has an authentic feel which is a double-edged sword as reality sometimes doesn't have a flair for the dramatic. This might be why the first half of the film has moments that feel a little wooden and lifeless despite the ever present paranoia the men sent