Swiss Army Man - Movie Review | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: What. The. Hell? (And why was it actually pretty awesome?) Within minutes of the viewing experience that is Swiss Army Man, you're well aware that you're in for something completely different. How different? Well, flatulence, masturbation, drinking the spit of a corpse who, oh by the way, talks and feces all play a major role in the storytelling. And that's the best I can do without any major spoilers. Swiss Army Man is weird. Really weird. Really fucking weird. That's okay though. Actually, it's really okay. Honestly, it's the best part of the film. Directors Daniels (as they're affectionately known) disarms you with a tale that in no way, shape or form is sensible yet it feels impossible not to get caught up in the story and the underlying themes of loneliness and obsession amongst others. It's both ridiculous and substantial. It's silly and endearing. It's special, unique and truly one of those times when you can say it is unlike anything you've ever seen and this time