To See Or Not To See: June 10th – Warcraft, The Conjuring 2, Now You See Me 2, Puerto Ricans in Paris, Genius, De Palma & The Music of Strangers | Movie Hot Take
Sequelitis and video game movies continue to dominate 2016 as two more sequels and another video game movie find themselves in wide release. Four platform releases take up the rest of the slate with none likely to make it too far beyond their initial offering. Here's MHT's recommendations on what to see and what not to see: Warcraft Theater Count: 3,400 Starring: Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Paula Patton Buzz: The biggest MMORP game gets a movie of it's own. Unlike The Angry Birds Movie which had much more star power and was targeted toward kids, Warcraft is aiming for the game's audience and relying heavily on CGI. It is in more theaters than any other new release this week but is not expected to finish #1 and actually will likely finish behind both sequels coming out. See the Trailer: MHT Hot Take: Skip it! Unless you're a big fan of the game or longing for inferior knock offs of Lord of the Rings, this release is fairly useless. The Conjuring 2 Theater Count: 3,343 Starring: