BuRStS #21: Eye In the Sky, Back in the Day, Elstree 1976, Fastball, Kung Fu Panda 3, Precious Cargo, Shark Exorcist & Whiskey Tango Foxtrot | Movie Hot Take
Eight movies hit the DVD rack this week. Eye in the Sky highlights this lukewarm batch of releases which also features two documentaries, another Tina Fey disappointment, another generic Bruce Willis flick, another low budget shark horror and another shining example of 2016's love of the sequel. Here's MHT's guide to what to buy, rent, stream or skip for June 28th: Eye in the Sky (Check out our Movie Hot Take from this year) Super Simple Synopsis: Tense "capture" or "kill" thriller with all the modern amenities of today's war on terror, drones and all. Why Buy? You love Helen Mirren. You want a different kind of war movie with more thinking than fighting. You know he hasn't been gone long but you miss Alan Rickman already. Why Rent? You don't anything about war movies or Helen Mirren or Alan Rickman but this movie's got Aaron Paul, bitch! Why Stream? You're not all that fascinated by modern warfare but damn if those British accents don't make you want to watch almost anything. Why