Hot Take: The Nice Guys | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: A real popcorn flick with lots of energy and humor. The '70s are captured perfectly. The slick, witty script is too convoluted to be truly great but damn if it isn't entertaining. The Nice Guys makes for a unique summer release. It has the feel of summer with it's fast pace and slick dialogue and funny albeit ridiculous premise. The two seasoned actors -- Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling -- have excellent on-screen chemistry. It's a buddy cop movie with a twist (neither are cops) and a few turns which is when The Nice Guys avoids becoming your standard summer affair. That's a very good thing. It's not all good though. It's hard not to compare Shane Black's The Nice Guys to his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but the similar tone forces the comparison. The problem with the comparison is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang dwarfs The Nice Guy in many ways. So, while comparisons are inevitable, they also shine light on how The Nice Guys is at least a little derivative and at worst inferior. In many ways,