Hot Take: Green Room | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Pure tension and paranoia. Sitting in the theater was uneasy and I was glad to be sitting with my back against the wall. A small time touring punk-rock band is going to land some shitty gigs. This is reality for any small time band, really. It's hard to imagine a shittier gig than a deep woods dance hall for white supremacist neo-Nazis in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. However, now, thanks to Green Room, you don't have to. After the band performs and heads out, they walk in on a murder scene and the punk rockers turned witnesses are thrown into a brutal, suspenseful fight for their life as they seemingly wait for the police but soon find out they'll be lucky to make it out alive. There's not much else to Green Room. It's a fairly simple set-up in the first act that thrusts the movie into a high tension, paranoid thriller that's basically Punk-Rockers vs. Neo-Nazis the rest of the way. That's not necessarily a bad thing as director Jeremy Saulnier does tense thrills well