10 Characters You Can Live Through On 4/20 | Movie Hot Take
We take the high road on this week's installment of "10 Things" and give you a list of 10 characters you can live vicariously through (especially if you are one that doesn't partake) on the unofficial holiday for potheads: 4/20 (Warning: Most clips are NSFW): 1.Cheech & Chong Without a doubt, if you think weed and cinema and don't think Cheech & Chong first, you're doing it wrong. 2. The Dude Why is Jeff Bridges' character from The Big Lebowski on this list? Because he's The Dude, man! Come on! 3. Spicoli It's hard to imagine Sean Penn in his iconic role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High as Spicoli but it happened. 4. Smokey Before Chris Tucker kicked some ass alongside Jackie Chan in Rush Hour and then disappeared from the face of the Earth (okay, not really!), he was hilarious as the always high sidekick to Ice Cub's Craig in Friday. 5. Jay & Silent Bob They even made it to the animated world! The dynamic duo started in Clerks and appeared in many other Kevin Smith