Hot Take: Zootopia | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: My 8-year-old self would love Zootopia. The thing is, so would my 16-year-old self... probably as much as my adult self did. Disney's latest is one of the best films to ever come from the studio. Ever. Historically, Disney has made an effort to include children and adults in their animated features. Often, it is done within the humor as there are jokes designed to make the kids laugh and then others with references that only adults will get and kids will laugh along with because their parents are laughing. Zootopia makes an effort to include children and adults in a much different way. There are no inappropriate jokes designed to go over the heads of the younger audience. Rather, Zootopia gives you a multi-layered plot with a very kid-friendly "you can be anything" message but, at the same time, explores a deeper, more adult dialogue on racial and gender equality and the danger of fear and hysteria in civilized society. Expect a lot from Zootopia. The eye catching animation