Hot Take: Eddie the Eagle | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: My 14-year-old self would love Eddie the Eagle. My adult self wasn't nearly as thrilled but it's definitely a feel good, inspiring tale. What if someone took the true story of Michael "Eddie the Eagle" Edwards, ripped off the Cool Runnings narrative and combined them into a film? Enter Eddie the Eagle. While inspired by a true story, much of the story portrayed in Eddie the Eagle is embellished. The real eventual Olympic novelty didn't have a mentor, wasn't completely inexperienced in ski jumping, didn't train in Germany and was already a known novelty when he arrived in Calgary for the '88 Olympics (there was a fan club waiting upon his arrival at the airport). Other than that, the remaining 10% of the movie is completely accurate. Leaving out the issue of an altered reality, the movie judged solely on it's ability to function as a movie (not as historian) is an adequately inspiring sports movie with a very '90s feel about it. It's like if Cool Runnings had a dorky, awkward,