Hot Take: 10 Cloverfield Lane | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: One of the most secretive films in years works because, well, it's such a secret. Watch 10 Cloverfield Lane and you'll have fun getting there... you may not like where it takes you but the trip sure is fun. Every once in a while, you see someone walking around in a ridiculous outfit but for some reason -- maybe it's their confidence or just the way they walk -- it looks right on them but you know it wouldn't look right on anyone else. 10 Cloverfield Lane is that someone. Shrouded in complete mystery (okay, there's a trailer so maybe it's only 95% mystery), J.J. Abrams' "spiritual successor" to Cloverfield is a very different movie than it's sibling. Actually, it's a very different movie than most movies. And that's a good thing. It's not worth going on and on about the movie as every little detail you know walking in lessens the viewing experience. You need to see it cold and enjoy the ride because, like an indoor roller coaster, it's the not knowing that brings out the best