BuRStS #8: The Hateful Eight, Concussion, Point Break, Forsaken, Exposed & Cartel Land | Movie Hot Take
In the 8th edition of BuRStS, we will be recommending to buy one, rent two, stream two and skip one. Will it be the 8th from Quentin Tarantino, a remake of a cult Keanu Reeves hit, the random film Reeves is in himself, an Academy Award nominated documentary, a biopic of the man who took on the NFL's lack of effort to combat head injuries or the Sutherlands in a Western that we'll be recommending? Keep reading and find out about the new DVD releases for March 29th: The Hateful Eight (Check out our Movie Hot Take from last year) Super Simple Synopsis: Quentin Tarantino brings his style to the classic Western. Why Buy? You are a Tarantino fan. You love when a classic genre is turned on it's head a little but the director visually captures the classic feel. Why Rent? You like Tarantino but aren't 100% on board with the thought of a Western. Why Stream? You've given Westerns a shot before but they really weren't your thing but you can't help but be intrigued by Tarantino putting his touch