Hot Take: The Witch | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: The Witch was unnerving, uncomfortable and unsettling. It's a captivating piece of filmmaking you have to see once and might never be able to watch again. From the moment The Witch opens, your gut tells you this one isn't going to be easy to get through. Kudos to the effort from first time writer-director Robert Eggers for delivering a visually impressive horror film that simmers but refuses to boil stubbornly until you are on the edge of your seat. The Witch is one of the darkest films in recent memory and is successful as both horror and suspense. The writing and directing are not the only thing that works exquisitely in the film as the no-name cast aces the biggest roles of their careers. Anya Taylor-Joy (as Thomasin) has the strongest performance. She commands the screen in her first big role. There's no doubt we'll see more of her after this. The rest of the actors were also convincing as a family in mid-1600s New England banished to a remote plot having their faith