Hot Take: The Lady In The Van | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: A glib, ill-humored, unnecessary film that acts as critic porn thanks to the presence of Maggie Smith and it's unintentional(?) Charlie Kaufman impersonation. Let's get this out of the way quickly: I wasn't a fan of The Lady in the Van. Does Maggie Smith deliver a great performance? Sure. Does that forgive the awful, ill-natured humor at the expense of a homeless woman who lived in a van for 15 years? Not particularly. The Lady in the Van isn't a tale I particularly enjoyed. I couldn't get past the fact that everyone seemed to be nonchalant about this woman living in a van in the Camden Town community in London. The apathy the group portrays toward Miss Shepherd (Smith) with their inability to care enough to even be upset about her living on their streets or moved enough to help her in some way isn't funny although the filmmaker's try their damnedest to convince you it is. Oh! For the record, the bathroom habits of a homeless person aren't exactly humorous either. Sadly