Hot Take: Risen | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Risen tries. The point of view is unique and gives a different perspective on the tale of the Resurrection but it's not enough to escape mediocrity. On the plus side, Risen is well-acted and director Kevin Reynolds insures it is made with quality and detail. There's a fresh perspective as the film is told from the Roman point of view which helps Risen appear restrained. It's the exact opposite of 2004's The Passion of the Christ as it paints with a broader narrative brush and tones down the religious zeal of it's unofficial predecessor. On the other hand, Risen fails to do anything more than many TV movies or mini-series have in the past with similar topics. It feels unnecessarily thrust on to the big screen when it could have just as easily worked on network television or as a made-for-cable movie. Also, the first half of the film feels more derivative of one of the many crime dramas we're deluged with around the clock on network TV, TNT or the USA network. And that's the