Hot Take: Yosemite | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Yosemite struggles to fill 82 minutes. Despite heaping helpings of dramatic build-up, nothing ever really happens. When it does, it's not very interesting. Yosemite is one of the darkest films I've seen in some time. However, part of me wonders if it's me that is dark and the movie is really about something else. Because of the deliberate, patient pace combined with the just below the surface darkness, the viewing is unnerving and allows for a lot of thought. That's not to say the film is thought provoking. There's too much left open to interpretation to credit it with being thought provoking. You have no choice but to think. Yosemite leaves you no other option. The movie revolves around three 5th grade boys whose lives are somewhat intertwined. The setting is Palo Alto in the '80s as the town has growing concerns about a mountain lion on the loose. Throughout the intertwined tales, there's darkness and dread inferred but it might be in our heads as the warning signs and the