Hot Take: Ride Along 2 | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Right now, the careers of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are hot... but so is hell and I don't know too many people lining up to visit for 2 hours. It should have to pay royalties to every buddy cop movie it borrowed from and apologize for how poorly it was done. If you loved Ride Along, go watch Ride Along again! Skip Ride Along 2. (You'll thank me!) What suffers from an overly revealing trailer, sequel fatigue and unoriginality? Ride Along 2! Sorry Kevin Hart and Ice Cube but this is not the movie your pairing was looking for. After the huge success of Ride Along in a month where even moderate success is celebrated, the studio had no choice. So it ran every buddy cop comedy through the copier and out came Ride Along 2. To ensure stale freshness, it added a mixture of Ken Jeong's roles and Benjamin Bratt's bad guy character. If you can't get enough of Kevin Hart's hyperactive nonsensical babble, Ice Cube's stone faced growling and grumbling and a lot of unnecessary shooting and