Hot Take: Concussion | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Concussion lands a heavy blow against the NFL then jabs it's way to the conclusion. Will Smith's performance as Dr. Bennet Omalu is one of the best of his career. As a society, our entertainment has been at it's most enjoyable when it is at it's most violent. This isn't a new phenomenon. As far back as the Roman Empire, the #1 form of entertainment was watching men die in the gladiatorial arenas. There are countless examples of the masses flocking to witness violence and gore. From public executions to crucifixions to bullfighting, it would seem violence and entertainment go hand in hand. The most watched spectacle of the 21st century has to be the NFL. Of all of the spectator sports, it is the most popular... and one of the most violent. It is likely third only behind boxing and MMA. Unlike boxing and MMA, the NFL has done everything to avoid discussing the damage done to the athletes due to the sport's violent nature. Concussion explores the avoidance to the level of cover