Hot Take: The Night Before | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: If you loved This Is The End, you'll enjoy but probably not love The Night Before. If I ever get back to ranking 2013 movies, I'm pretty sure This Is The End will come in at the top of my list. It was one of the funniest movies of the last decade. Fortunately (and unfortunately), The Night Before has a similar feel. While it was a very funny holiday movie, the comparisons and the way too revealing trailers for the film stole away some of the better moments and made it feel like a regifted tale. The good news about The Night Before is there's plenty of reference material to draw from to determine if you're going to like this movie. This isn't any different than any other comedy Seth Rogen has ever done. Anthony Mackie has been in almost every movie in 2015. If you've seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a talk show appearance and enjoyed it, you're safe here. Feeling good about twisted classic holiday stories? How about countless celebrity cameos? If none of that turns you off, The