Hot Take: Rock the Kasbah | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Why? Rock the Kasbah is a disaster of a movie. There are unintentional tributes to the Bill Murray catalog throughout. It's as if writer Mitch Glazer and director Barry Levinson met and said, "What if we took everything Bill Murray ever did and stripped away everything funny?" Even The Razor's Edge, an earnest attempt at a dramatic role for Murray, was funnier. Did you enjoy Murray's witty interactions with the innkeeper in Groundhog Day? Murray getting high with the zombie survivors in Zombieland? Ending up in a foreign land and an odd befriending of a young woman in Lost in Translation? Realizing he's wasted his life by being a dishonest asshole in Scrooged? Trying to talk his way out of a gun fight in Stripes? Singing in St. Vincent? Having an odd sort of sexual encounter in Ghostbusters? Pulling off a con in Wild Things? There's similar scenes in Rock the Kasbah. They're completely void of humor but they're there. It takes about 50 minutes for the film to get to the heart