Hot Take: Bridge of Spies | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Catch it now... or when it's re-released after it's Oscar nominations. With the exception of a few stutters, Bridge of Spies is a thoroughly enjoyable throwback. Credit Steven Spielberg for a solid directorial turn, the Coen Brothers for an excellent script and some great performances. Pencil in Mark Rylance for a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role as captured Russian spy Rudolf Abel. To be honest, I was lukewarm on the concept of Bridge of Spies. The trailer didn't blow me away and while the expectation was a competent film from Spielberg and Tom Hanks, this may have been their best collaboration (for what it's worth, Saving Private Ryan was the best of their four collaborations, Bridge of Spies was second best). Not only was the film a pleasant surprise, it was one of the best movies of the year and might make a little noise come Oscar nominations. The most pleasant surprise of the film was Rylance as Abel. He's convincing as the aging spy and his chemistry with