Trailer Hot Take: Creed | Movie Hot Take
Anticipation (Before Trailer): 85/100 Anticipation (After Trailer): 95/100 Growing up, Rocky was one of the best movie franchises of all time. The first two movies are cinematic masterpieces. Rocky III, Rocky IV and Rocky V are great popcorn flicks. Then, the series returned to its roots with Rocky Balboa. Everyone has their favorite. Everyone has their least favorite. Personally, I'm not a big fan of III or V. I'm torn between I and II as they are very different in structure and feel. Plucking Creed from the Rocky universe and marrying it with Fruitvale Station (one of the best films of 2013) director Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan had me before the first trailer, sealed the deal with trailer one and now has me completely salivating after the second trailer. Jordan is going to be huge and my gut tells me this delivers.