Hot Take: War Room | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: This isn't as simple as if you're Christian, you'll love it and if you're not, you'll hate it. It is as simple as it's not a good movie, though. Warning: There are spoilers throughout this "hot take" as this is more likely being read by someone who has seen the film rather than on the fence in their decision to see it. While there are plenty of debatable topics in War Room, there's a troubling one that really isn't debatable: The importance of communication in a relationship. Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, on the surface, have an enviable life. Tony is the best salesman at his pharmaceutical company and, in his late 30s, still an incredible athlete (see the physique, the back flips and dunks). Elizabeth has a successful real estate sales hobby and a perfect house with nary an ounce of dust or anything out of place. Their daughter is a well adjusted pre-teen with the best manners you'll ever see. Underneath the surface, there's only one major issue: Elizabeth's foot odor! Oh wait,