Hot Take: Everest | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Visually, Everest is a stunner. (IMAX 3D... WOW!) The story itself mirrors the mountain. It takes a long time to get there, it's painful at times and it is overloaded with characters to the point where many get lost in the shuffle. The payoff, in the end, is solid but there's a lingering question of was it worth it? From the moment the movie starts, Everest's visuals smack you in the face. It's reminiscent of a documentary filmed specifically for an IMAX experience. Throughout, the movie relies heavily on the stunning visuals to immerse the audience into Everest rather than the deep, talented cast it has access to. Here's the challenge Everest has: How do you tell a tale about a group of mountain climbers where any of a handful of characters could take the lead but no one is truly compelling enough to make it necessary for them to become the focus? It's the opposite of Black Mass where, although it is obvious the main character is James "Whitey" Bulger, you're intrigued by