Hot Take: Kill the Messenger (2014) | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Believe this report... See this movie. (It does the best it can with a two hour feature length limitation.) Ever watch a good movie late at night and not be able to keep your eyes open? Despite your best efforts, you doze off a few times and miss a few key scenes which keeps this probably great movie from being great just because you kept falling asleep. This is the best description of how it felt to watch Kill the Messenger I can give. Throughout this roughly 2 hour "based on a true story" drama, the gaps in the story telling which steamroll the audience through journalist Gary Webb's investigation and subsequent series of articles identifying the CIA as a catalyst for the crack cocaine boom of the late 1980s are frequent and frustrating in an otherwise compelling film. The cast, led by Jeremy Renner as reporter Gary Webb, turn in solid performances throughout Kill the Messenger. Renner shines as cocky, relentless reporter turned tortured and tormented target. Rosemarie