Mountain Woods Media, LLC Releases New Version of 'Splatz and Batz' Game App | Mountain Woods Media, LLC
New version includes several game upgrades and integrates Nextpeer for head-to-head play and tournament competition opportunities. Worldwide, October 25, 2013 Mountain Woods Media, LLC has released a new version of its iOS app "Splatz and Batz" with new game features including NextPeer multiplayer compatibility. The free app, available in Apple's App Store, is based on the concept of helping insects avoid busy, oncoming highway traffic in order to keep the bug character from becoming a "splat" on a windshield. Players have the opportunity to choose from four bug characters – (all free) and can earn points by collecting leaves, dandelions and pieces of candy. The new version (v1.2) adds: Starting the game with additional character lives. Opportunity to earn extra lives during game play. Earn "Power Ups" during game play, which increase game speed and/or create additional scoring opportunities. Game levels. Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter. Mute sound. Apple's Game