Fishing Is One of Our Favorite Past Times | Mountain Woods Media, LLC
Fishing is one of our favorite past times and we don't get to do it enough. Ever since I was a child, fishing was part of growing up in Indiana (almost as big as Hoosier Hysteria). Bluegill, bass and catfish were usually the catch of the day by using a variety of baits and artificial lures. Of course, there was always a fish tale to share of the big one that got away. The big ones always seem to get away! A few years ago, long road trips to Arkansas for a few days of trout fishing turned into an annual Spring event. A road sign there advertised for everyone to "Quit Wishing. Go Fishing" and that "Taking A Client Fishing Was Good Business." Therefore, fishing became the inspiration for our latest game "The Trout Family Fish and Swim Adventure." It's probably the closest thing to actually sitting on the bank of a quiet pond or stream waiting to catch the big one. The "Trout Family" is a simple "swimming and jumping" fishing game. Here, you can choose between four different trout