Circus Game Fun and Creating Wrong Way Sam | Mountain Woods Media, LLC
Found my Circus Button! The only trip my family made to the circus was when I was 8 years old. It was a classic Barnum and Bailey event and somewhere in the office junk drawer there is a very bright pink button to prove attendance. Burned to memory and still vivid to this day were the elephants, the ringmaster, the multiple clowns and the music. As a child, clowns were not scary to me. I always thought it was fun to be able to dress up, put on face paint in order to be completely anonymous and then be socially "allowed" to do any crazy thing you wanted to do because you were a clown! As we set about building our Wrong Way Sam circus game, we wanted to bring some replica music of a real circus and the look and feel of vintage toys in a circus setting that would appeal to any culture. We spent a lot of time on the animation build with our "toys" that Sam picks up during this game play: the pinwheel, the spinning block, several types of balloons. Several of the death objects are