A Rough Patch on The Mountain | Mountain Woods Media, LLC
Ever the idealists, we never realized as a 2-person firm that we might possibly hit a rough patch and one of us would have an insurmountable obstacle. Unfortunately, we had to take a bit of a health time out this summer right in the middle of planning and building our next business pivot. And it actually involved a wild ride down the mountain for care at 80 mph at 3 in morning. Whew! We are still climbing the mountain, but at least we are on a nice plateau for now and hope to be doing something professionally challenging, work related again in the next month or so. Bear with us, we'll be back on track soon. We have been exceedingly grateful for the chocolate covered Oreos, silly stuffed woodland creatures, "Skittles and Hot Chocolate parties," chess books, hand exercise thingies and health props, errand running, lawn mowing, new t-shirts, physical therapy jokes, pudding cups and cheery text messages! Thanks to all of you for all of the help and expertise as we still move forward