The Five Rhythms Meditation Dance
Tweet TweetDance as a form of meditation is as old as civilization. Just think about the native American dances you have seen in movies. Or trance dances of the shamans in primitive societies in the Amazon. Irish folk dancing and even classical ballet are a kind of meditation for those who dance. Modern dance teachers such as Anna Halprin (who just turned 92!) and her student, Gabrielle Roth have been teaching dance as a form of meditation for years. It was Gabrielle Roth who introduced the Five Rhythms Meditation Dance. The five rhythms are flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness. I know from personal experience that she, like me, was inspired by Rajneesh. There are many centers around the world that offer the five rhythms as a meditation and workout. My experiences with Gabrielle Roth in the 70's and Anna Halprin in the 90's have been totally transformative. Their teaching styles differ, and their commitment is overboard! Share this with your [...]