The Enneagram Instrument
Tweet TweetThe enneagram is a nine sided diagram that can be used to model many aspects of the cosmos. It is thought that the enneagram came from the Sufi tradition centuries ago. Sufis are a mystical tradition from the middle east. George Gurdjieff was the the first teacher that I know of to use the enneagram in his spiritual teachings in modern times. He flourished in the west in the 1920's. His primary teaching was that we go through life totally asleep to our inner essence. We spend our lives indulging our personalities. In recent times, Oscar Ichazo, Dr. Claudio Naranjo, and Helen Palmer have popularized the enneagram as a tool for personal development. This video introduces us to the enneagram as taught by George Gurdjieff. I believe that title frame in the video was made with software I wrote in 1995. You can find out more about it here. I once took a class from Claudio Naranjo on the Enneagram of Personality in Berkeley. I had previously met him [...]