Self-Awareness Can Alter Misplaced Emotions
Tweet TweetThis video from Athene explores the neuroscientific basis for altering misplaced emotions. It teaches us that self-awareness can alter misplaced emotions. Strengthening your neural connections can increase your abilities in any activity you choose, even calming misplaced emotions. Becoming more self-aware can greatly enrich your life experience, especially through connections with others and social validation. So, the question is, how do we become more self-aware? One answer should come to you immediately if you are following Best Meditation Videos or Meditation Practices. Can you think of another? Please share it below if you can. Note: This video was first presented on Best Mediation Videos on September 21, 2012. Related PostsMeditation Practices Change Your BrainMeditation Practices Can Change Your Life – The Dalai LamaChange Your Mind Change Your World Conference Share this:PinterestFacebookTwitterGoogleTumblrEmailPrint Related