Reiki Meditation for Stress Relief
Tweet TweetReiki is a type of healing involving the laying on of the hands. This video is about Reiki meditation for stress relief. This is similar to what Jesus taught. Reiki originated in Japan. It is useful for reducing stress and promoting health. I have experienced Reiki from several practitioners. It works well from me. Please share this video with your friends who could benefit from Reiki. Since stress is the cause of many diseases and illnesses, won't you try my Stress Relief Guided Meditation? It will help you to induce the relaxation response which counteracts stress. Note: This video first appeared on Best Meditation Videos on July 10, 2012. Stress Relief Guided Meditation Discover a Revolutionary Technology That Lets You Experience All The Benefits Of Stress Relief Without Medication You Can Easily Learn How to breathe deeply from your abdomen bring your attention into your breath, body and feelings create a relaxing scene for you to return [...]