I Ching Perseverance Furthers
Tweet TweetWhen I was a young man, I was traveling around the country with my wife and son. We settled for a while in Chicago and I found a great teaching job at Oakton Community College in Morton Grove. One night, I went to a spiritual bookstore, expecting a talk on yoga. Instead, the speaker was Father Eli. His teachings and demeanor were so charming that I kept coming back each month that he spoke. Along about May, he mentioned to me that he was offering a training in the Ozark mountains during the summer and that he wanted me to be there. Naturally, with my doubting mind, I did not think that it would work out for me. In June, we visited my parents in St. Louis. It was a beautiful day and I consulted the I Ching, the ancient Chinese Book of Changes about Father Eli's training. I drew the hexagram (a diagram of six lines, some solid and some broken, see below) The Power of the Great. The judgement of the hexagram from the I Ching: "Perseverance furthers." [...]