Desmond Tutu Speaks Out For Climate Change
Tweet TweetThe situation with climate change is getting rather desperate. As shown last Thursday, Harrison Ford and Don Cheadle are also very concerned about climate change. See What Do Harrison Ford And Don Cheadle Know That We Should. Now Desmond Tutu speaks out for climate change. He thinks we need an anti-apartheid style of boycott of the fossil fuel industry. He is recommending some interesting changes in our lifestyle to help curtail global warming. Some of these recommendations have already been in other articles on Meditation Practices. With each of Desmond Tutu's recommendations, you'll find a reference to one of the articles. Here is what he says about the Keystone XL pipeline: This is why, no matter where you live, it is appalling that the US is debating whether to approve a massive pipeline transporting 830,000 barrels of the world's dirtiest oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Producing and transporting this quantity of oil, via the Keystone XL [...]