Creative Visualization With Lisa Nichols
Tweet TweetIf you have plans for February 5th, you're going to need to cancel them 🙂 Here's why: We've convinced the #1 rated teacher from The Secret - Lisa Nichols - to host a Brand New LIVE Class on Creative Visualization, along with our Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani. And I've got you a free ticket 🙂 Click here. This class will be HUGE - especially for fans of Meditation Practices (you'll experience lots of "ah ha!" moments - all backed by science). Join us live and you'll discover a six step, dramatically powerful process you can use to: 1. Manifest more of your goals, faster. 2. "Reprogram" your subconscious beliefs. 3. Experience more gratitude & happiness. 4. Get "magnetised" to your deepest desires. 5. Accelerate your ability to create success. We're so excited to invite you... And it's free - just our way of saying "thanks" for being part of our Meditation Practices community. RSVP and claim your free ticket here>>> But [...]