Can Meditation Improve The Bottom Line?
Tweet TweetThe BBC offered this video which raises the question, "Can meditation improve the bottom line?" In this video, Janice Marturano from Institute For Mindful Leadership explained to the BBC's Tanya Beckett how meditation can improve business performance and therefore improve the bottom line. Janice, herself, was over stressed in her job and turned to meditation to try to cope with her life. Now she trains business executive on how to increase profits with mindful meditation. In the video she talks about sustaining attention, i. e., being mindful. She says that like exercise can train the body, neuroscience says that meditation can train our minds to be more attentive. Everything in this video fits into the framework of the neuroscience of meditation. If you or the company you work for could benefit from mindfulness training, please contact us today. Related PostsThe Neuroscience Of MeditationMindfulness and NeuroscienceSecular Mindfulness For [...]