Beginner’s Mind
Tweet TweetShunryu Suzuki Roshi was the founding teacher of the San Francisco Zen Center. His simple teachings have inspired many new dharma teachers such as Myogen Steve Stucky, Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Wendy Johnson, and many others. My first experience at the San Francisco Zen Center was in 1972. I did a seven day sesshin there with Dainin Katagiri Roshi. A sesshin is basically a retreat in the Zen tradition. You sit all day doing zazen (sitting meditation) with breaks for meals, teisho (dharma talk) by the Zen Master, and dokusan (interviews with the teacher). There is very little social interaction and everyone walks around with their heads looking down. The sesshin was very intensive, with meditation beginning at 4:00 AM and lights out at 9:30 PM. All that sitting caused me to have back pain and joint pain in the knees and hips. I made it through the whole sesshin after all. In my one dokusan with Daini Katagiri, I talked to him about the relationship [...]