A Purification by Wendell Berry
Tweet TweetThis poem, A Purification by Wendell Berry, was posted on the Order of Interbeing Yahoo group recently by a friend of mine. I was touched by its spirit of spring and beginning anew. As you may know spring is a very important time for me and each year I celebrate the vernal equinox. My celebrations certainly don't go as far as the ritual of the poem, but I love it when the days get warm and the weather for tennis is perfect. A Perfection At start of spring I open a trench in the ground. I put into it the winter's accumulation of paper, pages I do not want to read again, useless words, fragments, errors. And I put into it the contents of the outhouse: light of the sun, growth of the ground, finished with one of their journeys. To the sky, to the wind, then, and to the faithful trees, I confess my sins: that I have not been happy enough, considering my good luck; have listened to too much noise; have been inattentive to wonders; have [...]