World Read Aloud Day! 16 Feb 2017
Today marks this year's World Read Aloud Day. This Day is created by LitWorld ( It is an invitation to the world to join in the wonderful act of Reading Aloud. Spreading kindness and positive social changes around us can be done through a simple act of reading aloud, at the workplace, in school, or at home. Neither my husband (DeeDee) nor myself (MeeMee) reads often. I am a slow reader, and I struggle to finish a book. Any book. We have heard that reading is good for children and we (me, mostly) do read aloud to our children (GerGer and BoiBoy). However, due to our busy work schedules, we could not do it regularly. I feel guilty about this all the time. GerGer could read a storybook by herself when she turned seven, in June two years … Read More World Read Aloud Day! 16 Feb 2017