Trusting reduces Anxiety
Trusting Reduces Anxiety Today was the second time we allowed GerGer and BoiBoy to take the public bus home on their own. They were to return home together after their weekly CCA (Co-Curricular Activities). We have asked them to give us a phone call before they leave school, so we would be aware of the time they would reach the bus stop near our home. We checked the clock. It was time their CCA ended. DeeDee was anxious and kept asking me why they have not called us yet. I felt his anxiousness and was a little uncomfortable. (It it was 2 years ago, I would h ave felt irritated.) Perhaps, it was because I have been practicing positive thinking for a while, I instantly realised he was not trusting our children. I looked up at him and reminded him gently "Dear, trust that our children are well … Read More Trusting reduces Anxiety