Stop Taking Sausages and Ham
Stop taking Sausages and Ham I grew up in a small family and many times only my mom and I were eating at home for many years. It is not easy to cook for two persons and we are not exactly good at cooking. So we ended up with lots of junk food meals. My favourite was instant noodles and sausages. I love canned food too, from Campbell's soup to tuna spreads. My mom is adventurous with new kitchen appliances and we had our microwave since I was rather young. At that period of my life, I had no clue I was eating junk food. I was not interested if I was healthy or not. I was only concerned with my weight and what I wore. My first lesson learnt was a miscarriage. It was extremely depressing for me and I had blamed myself for the lost. I pointed to every single thing that could have gone … Read More Stop Taking Sausages and Ham