Sick, very sick
MeeMee has been sick since 20 April (right after bringing the children to the Pediatrician for GerGer's stomach virus, and BoiBoy's runny nose) ... for two over weeks. Been to the General Practitioner four times now. During the first week, MeeMee had very bad cough and lots of phlegm plus a sore throat. Couldn't really rest as MeeMee sat through two interview batches (will share more about this business later) scheduled beforehand which didn't make economic sense to cancel. In addition, MeeMee took care of the kids in the day (showered, fed, fetched to and from school, brought snacks for them in between school and enrichment classes) [already very fortunate to have AhMa cook for the family and the domestic helper doing chores]. Coincidentally the domestic helper's contract has ended and she left us on 24 April.... … Read More Sick, very sick